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What my clients say

Helen's approach to Hypno-Constellation™ is truly remarkable. Despite my initial nervousness before our call, she effortlessly put me at ease with her warm and reassuring demeanor.

Our session commenced with Helen inquiring about my background, family, and related aspects. She took the time to explain the intricacies of her constellation process before delving into the Hypno-Constellation™ itself.

The experience was nothing short of enlightening, yet simultaneously shocking.

Under the influence of hypnosis, I found myself in a remarkably relaxed state, contrary to my initial skepticism. Together, we addressed my primary concern of finding a partner. Helen guided me through selecting figurines that represented various individuals in my life, unveiling a wealth of insights within just half an hour.

The depth and effectiveness of the session left me eager to explore additional topics with Helen in our future sessions. I look forward to continuing this transformative journey with her expertise.

Our family situation has been very difficult all my life and in the last few years it got so bad that I hardly talked to my mother anymore and whenever we did interact we had very stressful fights. My mental and emotional state was at such a critical point that I was advised to seek professional help. I could no longer find anything positive in my life. After an extensive search for a suitable counsellor, we decided to work with Helen. I never thought it would be possible, but after only a short period of time I can say that my life and in particular the way I feel has already changed so much. The way the therapy is conducted is unique. It helps me to visualise the root cause of my problems and what is going on in my life now, so I can work through it and heal. I was sceptical at first but the way the therapy is conducted is unique. She was kind and took the time to unravel and sort out my traumas. 

Even my mother has noticed the change in me. I can talk to her again. The way I feel when I am with her has also changed a lot. She says that I now seem somehow more grounded and much happier every moment I interact with her. We did not expect such fundamental changes to happen so quickly. 

After observing these fast positive results, my mother has decided to start her healing journey with her, too. I am so grateful to have more peace and positivity in my life and can't wait to continue my healing journey with Helen.

Thankful to have come across Helen and the work she does. While working with her I felt comfortable and confident that I am in good hands.

I had insights during the session that thanks to Helen I was able to discover, and have a clearer understanding of certain aspects of my life. 

Hypno-Constellation™ is such an interesting and unique way of healing. I think family hierarchy is so important and this therapy helps to put all of the pieces in the right spot and create the balance needed for an individual.

I would like to write about my experience with Helen. It was the best gift I gave to myself. I wasn't sure about family constellation and if online would be effective.

After the instruction we tried the session for 20 mnts. In a short time it made  big difference to me. I can't imagine how my life will change at the end of the therapy. 

After the therapy I felt so so relaxed and energy running in my arms. I am so much looking forward to the next full session. 
I highly recommend Helen if you want to make a big change in your life.

The combination of Hypnotherapy and Family Constellations that Helen used helped me clear an issue from the past that had bothered for years. I felt immediate difference after the first session itself and the issue was cleared in the subsequent session. I highly recommend Helen!

I was very happy about an online/zoom option for this therapy field. I know onsite family constellations very well and see, that the one lead by Helen is even more effective. The focus is totally on my own topic, especially by using „only“ play figures which are guided by my own thoughts, feelings and intuition.

Helen guides me through the sessions in a completely sensitive, profound, open and clear way by asking good questions and bringing in magic affirmatic sentences. The combination with hypnosis leads to a very emotional, deep and positive resolution of my questions.

Sometimes I felt quite exhausted after a session but the result was so impressive and so fast. I could find more harmony and better communication with my beloved ones and a feeling of peace, joy and love. Helen helped me a lot to develop with many topics which were critical before the constellation and relaxed after. Thanks for all.

I am incredibly impressed by how Helen's empathetic and competent guidance has resolved challenges in a short time that have been bothering me for half of my life. Since the very first session with her, I have experienced a greater sense of ease and peace within myself.

I recently had my first session of Hypno-Constellations™, and it was truly an amazing experience. The combination of hypnotherapy and family constellations proved to be highly effective and deeply healing. I was able to explore and address underlying issues in a unique and powerful way.

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