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I am here to help you breaking any negative cycle and leave a legacy of empowerment. 

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Life Coaching

Specialized in Structure &  Family Constellations, Systemic Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Ancient Spiritual Practices

Languages: English, German, Swiss German

*This is a special discounted price for the first consultation only.

Leadership & Business Coaching

Systemic Coaching, state of the art coaching and business management tools, adapted version of HypnoConstellations

Languages: English, German, Swiss German


The content and services provided on this website are in no way meant as a medical/clinical service or replacement of health or mental health professionals. The products and services are never to take the place of professional medical advice. Please consult your medical professionals in case of physical or mental health issues.

Start Your Transformation Now

Seize the chance to transform your life and embrace a future filled with growth and fulfillment. Our inclusive approach ensures that powerful life-changing resources are within reach for all.

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