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Hi, I’m Helen

I`m a Counsellor & Business and Management Coach with more than 15 years of experience dedicated to helping you break the cycle, rewrite your story, heal deep-rooted wounds and to give you power back over your life. 

As a certified Counsellor, I am specialised on Systemic Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Structure & Family Constellations, and ancient practices. I took the most powerful elements of the most effective modalities and created “Hypno-Constellations™” to enable fast life transformations.

As Business & Management Coach I share my experience of 15 years in the international corporate as manager, executive and management consultant as a lecturer for leadership & psychology at Business Schools and give 1:1 coaching for leaders to succeed in their corporate roles.

As a Coach & Counsellor, I offer individuals as well as managers in leadership roles a safe and very fast way to embark on their own transformational journey and experience rapid results.

My gift of helping people healing their lives on a deep level is unparalleled. My sessions are truly life-changing.

I am located in Switzerland and offer online 1:1 consultations and guided hypnosis audios in English and German.

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Certified Memberships

The European Coaching Association (ECA) is accredited by the German Government (Bundestag). Since its foundation in 1994 it has been setting high standards for professional coaching as a solution, resource and target-oriented form of consultancy. All ECA members have proven qualifications and approved coaching skills. Among the factors considered with the application for an ECA license are: proof of coaching skills, professional training, academic performance, advanced training, scientific work, concept creation and practical professional experience.

The DGSF (German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counseling and Family Therapy) is the biggest cross-professional association for systemic therapy, & counseling (e.g. Psychologists, Doctors, Social Workers and others) in Germany. All its members have gained their education in the systemic approach in one of the education centers/organisations approved by the high quality standards of the DGSF and have working experience in their area of specialization.

The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) enjoys a solid reputation in the field of hypnotism and is recognized as the largest and oldest hypnosis organization in the world. It has been acknowledged as the number one association in the field.It has a robust certification and training program and has implemented requirements for continuing education credits. My training in hypnotherapy is accredited by the NGH.

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